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RADEX is a complete border control management system developed with latest hard- and software for multi-biometric capture and search capabilities.

The system is a modular build application with an extensive array of modules, developed as a turnkey-solution, to assist government agencies involved in law enforcement activities to protect their borders.

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How It Works

Please take a look at our videos below to go over the RADEX application in a nutshell. We will be more than willing to give you a presentation or live demonstration.

First Stage Processing

Second Stage Processing

Key Features


Traveler Processing

From the moment of border crossing to secondary inspection, RADEX BCMS excels in making the travel experience pleasant for all travelers, including transit passengers.



RADEX BCMS offers comprehensive security with checks against all local and international watchlists. It includes multi-biometric enrollment and search, adheres to the four-eyes principle, and maintains a detailed audit trail.


Data Analytics

With RADEX BCMS, managing trips and monitoring overstays becomes seamless, making it an invaluable tool for stakeholders seeking specific insights.



RADEX BCMS seamlessly connects with eGates, online immigration platforms, and governmental agencies, ensuring smooth integration and communication.



RADEX BCMS offers tailored modules for various governmental entities, including Tourism, Coast Guard, and Fixed Operator. Accessible via a mobile app, it enables officers to use the software on the go.

Additional Modules


In the past 15 years RADEX has evolved in a world leading border control management system. With this evolvement the amount government agencies and government approved third-party users have found their way to the unlimited possibilities of the application. These possibilities are reflected in a modular buildup of the application which can be separately obtained in an array of modules like;

  • First stage processing
  • Second stage processing
  • Multi-Biometric enrollment and search
  • Wanted lists compatible with all international agencies
  • Tourism module for marketing, statistics, reports and data analysis
  • ESTA for automated pre-screening
  • ED-card /Tourism card processing (Online)
  • Extensive reporting module
  • E-Gates integration with any e-Gate available on today’s market
  • FBO: Handling of private airplanes
  • Portable units can be taken on to vessels, boats or on the road
  • Coast guard: A helping hand with the search and processing of illegal immigrants
  • Interfaces with Governmental agencies like government permit department, tax collector office or civil and population register
  • Interface Options